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We went from being “Hayley” and “Phae” to “Hayley and Phae” in 2019 when we happened to sit down next to each other during our first day of AUT Adschool.  We finished our very first assignment together and said “whoa, cool. It’s like we’re a real team.” 

Then, we never looked back.

After making it official when Hayley left her business degree to pursue this whole team thing and even more official with matching tattoos and a joint Spotify playlist, we graduated university with our first portfolio and the title of AUT’s Creative Team of the Year under our belts. 

We landed our first agency role not long afterwards, where we found our feet in the industry, won our first award and even spent three months running the creative department by ourselves.


Since then, we’ve made the jump to TRACK/DDB Aotearoa. That’s where we are today, working on some of New Zealand’s biggest brands like Macca’s, New World, Mobil and AA Insurance. 

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