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The Mighty Hot Mcspicy


The Mighty Hot McSpicy is Macca’s spiciest burger ever. But spice is subjective. So, instead of shouting to New Zealand about how spicy this new burger is, we let people decide for themselves.


Across a fully-integrated campaign, we showcased and celebrated real reviews, bringing them to life to challenge everyone to try the burger for themselves and see which side they agree with.


Hot, or not? You decide. 

Mighty Hot McSpicy Radio - 15
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To collect real reviews from all across the country, we set up a rating feature in the Macca’s app. And people certainly had a lot to say - 8,000 reviews left over the course of the campaign.


While some people found it hot…

  • Mum my mouth is burning

  • I think this might kill my gran


  • feels like I'm getting the Kylie lip filler on my lips and I can't feel my tongue

  • yeOWCH that's SPICY

  • my spice tolerance is ginger nuts and toothpaste, so this was fire.



Some people thought it was not…

  • Should be called “ever so slightly hotter mcspicy”

  • Y’all think avocados are spicy.

  • It wasnt even spicy and i am 12 years old

  • Mighty McNot Spicy

  • I ain’t scared of no damn burger bruh


And some people were just plain confused. Like this guy.

  • Haven’t tried it yet

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